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                            5881 Union Park Bldg

     Privately owned and operated out-patient physical therapy clinic specializing in balance and falls, orthopedics, neuromuscular disorders, stroke, vestibular dysfunction and geriatric conditions. Patients are scheduled for one hour sessions with direct individualized patient care to focus on their unique diagnosis and goal oriented outcomes. Our clinic has state of the art equipment to restore movement. We have the only Dynamic Stair Trainer in Georgia which incrementally converts from flat surface to a set of stairs. Patients may elect to continue care in our Wellness program.     

     Restorative Therapy & Wellness
5881 Glenridge Drive, Suite 170
Atlanta, GA 30328
Phone: (404) 236-0934
Balance on One Leg Daily TM
Falls Prevention Program
8 Weeks to Better Balance
Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday 8am - 5:30pm
Friday 8am - 12noon
and special accommodations

home      |      about us      |      directions      |      patient forms      |      contact us

We restore your movement TM